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3 months ago #117998
it's all about the footprint spells. the other ones add 1-3 keys depending on the paintable area. but footprint spells should fetch at least +10 keys, imho - especially on an all-class hat like the KE.


3 months ago #117999
Hey, since you seem to be a legend and still active in helping for a 4 year old thread, any chance you could give me an idea for what to look for with a few of my spelled items?

Chromatic Corruption Prof's Pineapple (painted pink)
Spectral Spectrum + Bruised Purple Footprints Genuine Killer Exclusive (painted labcoat)
Sinister Staining Fast Learner (painted gold)

Thank you :)

All depends on the market and current sellers too since spells are pretty fluid.

Pineapple: ~8 keys
Gen KE: A Chromatic VVFP one was priced at ~12 keys a while back, so somewhere around that probs. BPFP isn't great tho and Spectral is normally similar tier (or higher depending who ya ask) to Chromatic
Learner: ~2 keys or so

Paint doesn't add anything if spells are applied normally because their value is negligible in comparison to what the spell(s) add
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