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Well, in case you didn't know, sharking involved lying to someone who doesn't know the price of an item, and taking advantage of that fact

He lied about the price on the spreadsheet, and took advantage of someone who trusted him.

Obviously, not the same as sharking, but still wrong...

Before this, I had heard of sharking but never looked into it. As I said, I personally don't believe its a horrible offense. Is it right? No, but as a general rule in life if you don't know about something, then learn it.
As for what this guy did, its significantly worse. Its not that the people didn't look up the prices, they did, only this guy abused his power and altered the price. Assuming the spreadsheet isn't shutdown after this, then some sort of democracy should be put in place. Have a bunch of well respected traders with good markets knowledge set the prices.


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I'm annoyed that this died out once the attention moved on. The SR report was denied. The lies asserting that this guy has a magical steam API that doesn't exist and allows him to see the content of trades on servers were treated as true by people who have no idea what they are talking about. And, at the end of the day, one random guy with a profit incentive controls the TF2 economy through social engineering and cheap popularity-contest type giveaways.

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Oh fucking wow. I totally didn't know this.

But it IS the most popular site people tend to use to check pricing. It's not like real world economics whereby you aren't given bullshit prices, but are told the pricing by simply looking at the cost of producing something.

Prices are determined by popularity, crate series (if newer crates have an item that was priced high) and quality. That's it. Everything else is up in the air.

An Ellis cap might as well be worth 3 keys, but it isn't. I mean, you have to buy a game to get it (nevermind the fact that the hat is really just a reskin)

Whatever. But that fucker needs his nuts stomped

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His report hasn't been denied, it's still here.


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people hear spread sheet over the mic in pubs all day and must think its official
just like when there was only one phone company ma bell and they fucked everyone

now we have bazzar>autpost and>spread shit
im hoping we can get some balance here and stop the decay of tf2
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