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7 months ago #T9057
Hi, I have Created an Unlimited Profit Bot Version 1. You can host as many profit bots as you like on a single server with my script. It is super easy and Optimized for server efficiency.


* Nodejs


* Unlimited Bots on same Server.
* You can Change Profit Margin of every single Bot.
* You can Select your preferred game!
* Bot Will Accept all Donations and Decline Trades which don't give anything in return.
* Instantly Grabs the Prices from Steam Market!

( Game Selection feature currently Tested with CS:GO only! but i have added the option incase you want to make a profit bot for pubg / tf2 etc.)

contact me at https://steamcommunity.com/id/ayushsharma82 for any questions etc.

Working bot link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/clutch84/

Default Profit Margin is set to $0.08 for this bot.
Message me incase anybody is interested in buying this script from me, Price is $99. The code is clean and documented. I can help you setup this script and future updates & bug fixes on the script are free from me.

About me: I have Experience in Nodejs and Vuejs from past 4 years. I have been making steam bots from 1.5years. I love to keep the code clean and fun. JavaScript is one thing that i cannot resist to work on! :D

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