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P.S. - This is a new thread. My original thread where I have been selling since February 2014 and have hundreds of happy customers is on the forums here -

Hey there, I am Bone.

I sell TF2, CS:GO, PUBG and Steam Item Trading Bots as well as Gambling Bots and Trading Websites. I have been selling bots since February 2014 and have sold hundreds of bots over the years. I aim to make my customers happy and have thus never had a negative feedback either. Keep reading to know more details about which bots I sell.

I code my bots in Node.js so all bots are open-source.

Team Fortress 2 Bots

-Key Trading Bot
-Tool Bot (Name Tags, Description Tags, Tour of Duty Tickets, Backpack Expanders, Gift Wraps, Squad Vouchers, Taunts)
-Paint Bot (All paints)
-Item Overpay Bot (Based off prices)
-Multi Item Bot (Buy and sell any number of items at predefined prices)
-Trading Card Bot (Buy and sell individual trading cards for metal)
-TF2:CSGO Key Swap Bot (Fixed Ratios)
-Donations Bot
-Bitcoin Bots (explained below)
-Any custom bot...

CS:GO Bots

-Quicksell Buyer Bot (Based off CSGOFast or SteamApi.IO prices)
-Overpay Bot (Based off CSGOFast or SteamApi.IO prices)
-Multi Item Bot (Buy and sell any number of items at predefined prices in keys)
-Gambling(Jackpot etc) Website Bot (Will require customization and setting up)
-Bitcoin bots (explained below)
-Trading Website + Bots Included (Like
-Any custom bot...


-PUBG/TF2 Key Swap
-Items Trader (similar to for pubg without a website)
-Items Trader with website
-Any custom bot...

Bitcoin Bots (For TF2, CS:GO, or PUBG)

-Bitcoin Key Buyer
-Bitcoin Key Buyer+Seller
-Bitcoin Key Buyer+Seller+Website to go along with it
-Bitcoin Items Trader (Fix item buying and selling prices in USD manually - the bot will buy and sell those items using BTC using real-time prices)

Steam Bots

-TF2-CSGO-PUBG Keys vs Gems Trader
-Trading Card for Gems Trader
-Steam CD Key Bot (You need to provide a database/API/text file of CD keys - bot will sell them for CSGO/TF2/Steam items)
-Any custom bot...

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