User ribbon Sin

3 years ago #T9068

No but for real, sad to see Bazaar close down. Haven't been in the trading game for ages but I used to be here all the time. Still the best trading site. I salute all your work over the years, Buddha.

User ribbon _inu

3 years ago #117155
Yes. Buddhapest is the buddha best!

User ribbon GIR's pet pig

3 years ago #117156

Will other bazaar community things stay up, like the steam group or discord server? Or are those going to be taken down too?

User ribbon buddhapest

3 years ago #117157
> Will other bazaar community things stay up, like the steam group or discord server? Or are those going to be taken down too?

the discord server was taken down already a while ago. the steam group has been locked down for discussions pointing users here to the forums instead. so no.

however the group will remain as a tombstone and if anyone wants to use chat together.


3 years ago #117159
This is So Sad
Can we hit Alpha?

User ribbon Spooky Alpha

3 years ago #117160
tfw no more 6 month long auctions

User ribbon buddhapest

3 years ago #117161
one thing we agreed on is that Alpha will provide melon filled pleasure to all VIP holders

Princess Gamer

3 years ago #117164

Man, I loved (and still do love) this site.. It really was a grade above all the others I found.. I wish all luck in their future!

[Cy4G] 11 Inch Conrad

3 years ago #117166
Dang and only two weeks from retirement too. Two really long weeks. Like if weeks were composed of months. But seriously though, it was fun back in the day.

User ribbon Stefanos13

3 years ago #117167
oh F uck no... back on pc after 2 months break due to work to read bazaar is shutting down?Damn that world is not fair. Had my best time while trading in here and somehow that site kept me hooked into trading and tf. Met nice people , had fun. Thanks for all that .Stefanos is out :(


3 years ago #117170
F only site that let me advertise my collection back in the days, tf2outpost closed my Collection trade cus "no actual trade is offered or something". +Rep

User ribbon _inu

3 years ago #117171
Man this thread is like a blast from the past as far as the people replying to it is concerned. Glad to see you guys are all alive and well and thanks for the many many years!

Tony Hawk's Pro Nouns 2

3 years ago #117173
I haven't really been making any significant trades over these past few years, which is why I went inactive, only coming back every few months just in case someone might've random-added me for one of the few trades I was keeping up. I'm pretty shocked to see this happen, but I guess all this had to come to an end someday. I still strongly preferred Bazaar over Outpost; its UI was friendlier, it had more features, and autobumps were freaking great. And hey, to all the staff--I never really had a chance to give my appreciation, so I'll give it now, all melodramatic-like: Even though most of you didn't know me too well or had forgotten about me in the past couple of years, y'all are great people who were lots of fun to chat with. I still remember all the VIP lounge shitposting and the Animal Crossing fuckery like it was only yesterday. You guys did an amazing job managing and bringing out this site's potential, and for that, I sincerely thank you and wish you the best of luck for the future.

And hey, if any of y'all do want to keep in touch, you can still add me on Steam, or otherwise view my profile to see where else you can add me. I've reenabled my add friend button too--just in case. c;

But hey, otherwise, if this really is the last I'll be seeing of you guys, then...


Thank you all for being here. I really mean it.


3 years ago #117174
man, right when i just kinda got back into trading. Its been a long journey, my most notable memory is that event with the tf2 idle game. That whole fiasco was a ton of fun. Thanks, bazaar.

H_a_n_s |

3 years ago #117175
Aw. Thanks for your amazing work here, it will never be forgotten.

User ribbon Meowzerz

3 years ago #117176
I haven't even been here in over a year other than to shitpost on Alpha's profile once, but I shall never forget the months of fun that I had doing ridiculous auctions and enjoying the events and forums.
It has been a while, but it was a pleasure. Goodnight sweet prince.

[Cy4G] 11 Inch Conrad

3 years ago #117181
The auctions were probably one of the best ideas for a trading site.
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