3 years ago #117182
It really were along with other great ideas that started from this site. Shame it didn't bring that much traffic :(

Anybody remember this?

User ribbon Angry rock

3 years ago #117184
Having taken a good portion of my time when I was younger and having met quite a few new friends here, I must say that I'll miss this place.
There was a particular charm to being here, I always felt that my trading could be done much faster on some other websites due to a bigger userbase there but what really dragged me to stay here is the community.
Shitposting on here was quite entertaining as well with half of all threads being used to mine a place on top posters lists.

Either way, I wish you all the best of luck in whatever you do! :)

P.S. If you remember me feel free to add me to your steam friends list

User ribbon buddhapest

3 years ago #117188
:heart: Angry rock - you are one of the most memorable bazaar denizens ;)


3 years ago #117192
Thanks to yall who put so much work into this site over the years. Sad to see it go.


[Cy4G] 11 Inch Conrad

3 years ago #117193
At leaat this site will go down being graced by my perfect auction feedback

User ribbon _inu

3 years ago #117195
11 Inch Conrad]At leaat this site will go down being graced by my perfect auction feedback


[Cy4G] 11 Inch Conrad

3 years ago #117196
11 Inch Conrad]At leaat this site will go down being graced by my perfect auction feedback


Pls no I have a family

User ribbon Napoleon

3 years ago #117197
I know its been a long while since I've been on here. Just heard the news and wanted to pop over and pay my respects (rip bazaar).

It really is the best of the best here, sad to see bazaar calling it a day.

Miss the team, miss the hard work that Buddha put in day in and day out (for years - he really is such a work horse keeping this going)

Love you guys, the trading community will be worse off without you all!


3 years ago #117199
It's been over three years since I've been here. Many of you won't remember (though I hope some do), but I was a mere melonling at the time. Went by the name FourFooted and used a different account. Silly, I know.
I was never too big of a trader myself, but the forums and the sense of community were what drove me to the site daily. I'll never forget the people who made this place what it was, and I am forever grateful for you all including and indulging me in my lesser years.
Thanks for all the good times, and I hope you all find great new communities to imbue your awesomeness in. Cheers!
if any of you remember FourFooted, feel free to add me on this (current) account - I'd love to know who checked back/stuck around and what you people are up to :)


3 years ago #117200
I've never visited this site before in my life, but decided to pay respects anyway.

First and last comment, rip.

User ribbon buddhapest

3 years ago #117201
FourFooted! now there's a name I haven't heard in a long time.

User ribbon hands

3 years ago #117202
I just learned about this. Had to login just to say im still alive and to pay my respects. Hats off to buddha and inu for keeping the ship manned for so long! Most of my fondest memories of TF2 and trading are related to being part of this site :ghsmile:
Much love to everyone who made what it was, staff members and regular users alike. And best of luck in new endeavours.


3 years ago #117203
Genuine question, if someone were to buy out the site, would you actually sell it?

User ribbon buddhapest

3 years ago #117204
> if someone were to buy out the site, would you actually sell it?

no. there were some offers and discussions but we decided against that path

[Cy4G] 11 Inch Conrad

3 years ago #117205
Turn it into a memorial page and sell of space for ads


3 years ago #117207
I stumble upon this site from a video, which I sadly can't find it anymore, did a few trades around the site. A few weeks later, the first ever Treasure Trials was announced and I unexpectedly won the Unusual Little Buddy owned by Acell ! I was very, very, happy to see I won, because I have never owned an Unusual hat before. Wore it a few weeks and greedy little me attempts to sell the Unusual (yes I still felt bad for doing that), but after sometime I reconsidered and decided to treasure it, I still wear it to this very day!

I'm not too much into trading, thus I din't use the trading features of this site much, but I usually hang out at the forums, enjoy reading threads talking about TF2 & game stuff. Its been a while since I logged on to this site, and was shocked to see the announcement of the site's shutdown after coming back nearly 1 year absence. Thanks for the experience the community of this site has gave me, it was a great time, although I din't trade here much, it is sad to see you guys go, best of luck to y'all !

P.S : I will treasure this Unusual and give it another name and description as a memorial and tribute to this site. If I quit TF2 one day, I will pass this hat down to those who are responsible and showed love to this site, let the spirit of pass on, forever.
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