3 years ago #T9086
Could find appropriate thread, move if there's relevant.

Bots are not supposed to be dead yet, right?

Trying to collect items for a few days now, constantly getting errors like this:
[Bazaar.tf] BMO : An error occurred trying to send a trade request: Error: 401. Please try again later.

User ribbon buddhapest

3 years ago #117275
I've patched this issue once already but it does look like the 401s continue. the steam API has been incredibly unstable since Scream Fortress.

I have another fix in mind which should land in the next few days.


3 years ago #117282
It took some more tries, but retrieved all the items now. Thanks, as always~


3 years ago #117286
i am having the exact some issue.
i closed one of my bot trades trying to get my items back.
but i am unable to retreave my items after closing the trade.
i had no problem with another one of my bot trades though the one with the robo crates.
but the latest bot trade i had with the stout shako keeps giving me error 401
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