7 months ago #T9243
Hey all, I'm back after being away for almost 6 years or so, lol. Nostalgia got the best of me (I blame the youtube algorithm), so I'm starting to play TF2 a bit again, and it's trippy seeing this game just as alive as it was back then.

Also, I'm surprised to see quite a few familiar people still active on this website after all this time, how are you all doing?


7 months ago #117961
Tired tbh, and I feel that, I came back from a shorter hiatus in July. Def quite a bit changed even in 3-4yrs lol

User ribbon buddhapest

7 months ago #117963
greetings and welcome back

tf2 refuses to die. the FaceIT 12v12 mode, uncletopia, and b4nny are, i think, breathing new life into it yet again!

and you know why? because it's an incredible game that's super fun to play ;)

The Strongest Man on Earth

6 months ago #117976
That's good to hear. Well, at least you still have the game that's your favourite. In my case, they were shut down on steam :(
Stay safe!
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