3 months ago #117993
I wonder if bots are involved in any way

User ribbon Rez

3 months ago #117994
long live tf2 !

edit: I think more people are at home and on the internet due to Covid.

User ribbon boo-da-pest

3 months ago #117995
i'm sure a lot of the count is bots but it the bots have been around for over a year and numbers overall are still climbing. community servers are popping too.

and for sure covid was a boon for all video games especially multiplayer (our virtual relationships were the only ones we could have for 18 months!)

User ribbon _inu

3 months ago #117996
On one hand I am super happy that my favorite game is doing this well. On the other hand I am frustrated that Valve's utter incompetence and ignorance as a developer goes unpunished yet again.

Remember folks, if EA had a game that is barely playable due to cheating bots still reaping in MTX income, the entire internet would be running around with torches and pitchforks.
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