Prince Tavish's Pan

2 months ago #T9263
So there is this guy "Epik" (he keeps changing his name but at the time i think it was "ricardo2012"), i bid on his auction above starting bid and won and he proceeds to block me but he has not lost any auction rep of had any form of punishment.
I was wondering if what he did was actually against the rules? or if i have misread the auction rules?


2 months ago #118010
For these sorta issues, I've learned it's better to file a ticket normally

User ribbon Spooky Alpha

2 months ago #118011
This trade?

kinda sucks but it was up for less than 2 hours. I think he just changed his mind shortly after making it so it's not a big deal. you're the only one who bid on it.

Prince Tavish's Pan

2 months ago #118012
Yeah I suppose that's fair but it definitely was not up for two hours it was up for 10 as I recall, not a big deal tho
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