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                                                      My complete level 86 vintage weapon collection.


                                                      Q: Aren't there more vintage weapons than that?
                                                      A: Yes, but not other vintage weapons that could be level 86

                                                      Q: Are you selling these seperately?
                                                      A: No, unless you pay 2 keys each

                                                      Q: I'd like to buy one of your vintages for price, can I do that?
                                                      A: No, refer to above

                                                      Q: What is an odd leveled vintage? and what makes it different from normal leveled ones?
                                                      A: Vintage weapons with levels other than the item's standard level (usually 1, 5, or 10) are the oldest of the vintage weapons, when valve originally tried giving all weapons and hats the possibility of being level 0-100. Valve later scrapped the idea, making hats levels 1-100 and weapons at one set level for each weapon. Since then the prices for these 'odd leveled' weapons have gone up due to their value to a collector such as myself

                                                      Q: Is my vintage an odd leveled one?
                                                      A: probably not.

                                                      Q: I have a lvl 7 vintage KGB is that odd leveled?
                                                      A: No, 7 is the standard level for the killing gloves of boxing

                                                      Q: I have a vintage weapon that is odd leveled do you want to buy it?
                                                      A: ask yourself: 'Is it level 86?' If not, the answer is no. If it is lvl 86 then the answer is probably not. If it is lvl 86 and you're willing to sell it at standard price, then yes I do want to buy it, other than that, no thanks.

                                                      Q: I'll give you 4 ref for all of them
                                                      A: That's not a question, and no.

                                                      Q: So are they for sale?
                                                      A: Yes, I'm taking offers on the set
                                             (encore fail)

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