Scout #TheRealYona

6 years ago

                            Revised trade, prices are subject to change.
                            Looking to buy skins for CSGO.
                            Use Steam Community Market to get the estimated price for your item. ( )

                            Steps to completing a trade :
                            1. Use the "Add Items" button to show what you'd like to sell. {Type out weapon, skin, and quality if the button is not working}
                            2. Make an offer on the skin, or ask me to offer for you.
                            3. Add me or send a trade offer once we've agreed on a price.
                            - Stickers will not add value to your item, even if it is some 20$ sticker. They're ugly to me, and I don't like having them.
                            - I will not pay tons extra just because it is souvenir. They're harder to resell if anything.
                            - Not looking to buy skins valued at 15$ or more yet.
                            Users with trade offers enabled have priority over those without.

                            This trade is closed.