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5 years ago

                                                      -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------PLEASE READ THIS NOTE BEFORE OFFERING: I am sick and tired of people pulling out in the last minute after all the negotiations and preparations we've went through. Your BS excuses and apologies doesn't justify your action and in my opinion, that is just a dick move.
                                                      It all comes down to this: If you're not 100% committed in trading, please do not even offer. I don't care if you bring 100 buds or $5000, if you're being "skeptical" about the trade don't even bother offering in the first place.
                                                      With that being said, I humbly ask you please check the validity of my unusuals (such as if it is clean or not) as well as do background of myself BEFORE you offer. That way, both parties won't need to suffer from such ordeal and go on with the trade peacefully.
                                                      I hope you understand what I'm trying to say here and please, for the love of God, don't be an asshole.

                                                      Do not add me, offer here please.

                                                      Note - Dont offer any collecting offers. If you dont have it in your bp at that very moment i will not accept any offer as collecting.

                                                      Taking offers on these fine unusuals

                                                      Somethings must to remember before offering :

                                                      βœ” All the hats here are 100% clean.
                                                      βœ” The prices mentioned are in pure. In case of making an offer with items which are neither pure nor in the wish list prepare to overpay.
                                                      βœ” No 3rd gens AT ALL. I don't want any new summer effects at all not even as sweets. Robo effects like AF, RA are exceptions depending on the hats/miscs offered.
                                                      βœ” I accept EOTL effects but only Death at Dusk.
                                                      βœ” I don't want any kind of gifted unusual hats unless they are like 90% off their values.
                                                      βœ” Don't add me for offering. Either offer here or send me a trade offer.
                                                      βœ” Last but not the least i am very choosy when it comes to trading for unusuals i wanna keep so i wont just take almost anything so be wary of that as well.

                                                      If you actually read my notes mention "panda" in your comments so i know that you actually went through my wall of Text.

                                                      ~ GroovyPanda

                                                      Offer here or send me a Trade Offer. I don't usually accept adds .
                                                      This trade is closed.