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5 years ago

      So well taking offers on this beautiful sniper and spy set combo here that consists of :

      1 of 1 Burning Deep cover operator
      Clean Scorching Veil (last clean one sold for 41 buds pure and its the only clean one on sale)
      Clean Scorching Phantom

      Note :
      βœ” 1 of 1 scorching DCO i sold for a clean beams veil + ~15 buds worth
      βœ” 1 of 1 Sunbeams DCO just sold for a clean beams veil + clean beams beak
      βœ” Both of them are with collector's atm so the only highest tier is this one for sale and have
      been already declined clean burning modest + 25-30 pure below.

      SFM : ( Credits : [PPM] KrunchyAnarchy )

      Will take offers on the unusuals individually as well but would prefer to sell it as a set !

      Somethings must to remember before offering :

      1. All the hats here are 100% clean and non duped.
      2. Taking offers atm since i don't have any price range in mind for the deep cover.
      3. No 3rd gens AT ALL. I don't want any new summer effects at all not even as sweets. Robo effects like AF, RA and some new 2014 Halloween effects are exceptions depending on the hats/miscs offered.
      4. I don't want any kind of gifted unusual hats unless they are like 90% off their values.
      5. Don't add me for offering. Either offer here or send me a trade offer.
      6. Last but not the least i am very choosy when it comes to trading for unusuals i wanna keep so i wont just take almost anything so be wary of that as well.

      If you actually read my notes mention "panda" in your comments so i know that you actually went through my wall of Text.

      Offers so far (declined): (

      clean burning modest +25-30 pure on DCO
      Burning Pomade + 6 buds pure + PE Phantom + GE Noir + the rest of the bp ( (~70) for DCO
      Golden Pan for the set
      Sunbeams Exe for the set
      Scorching Gibus for the set
      Cloudy Moon veil + ~4 for my Veil
      morning glory Crones for veil and phantom
      Burning Hazmat for my DCO and Phantom (offer is negotiable just not keen in the haz as of now )

      ~ GroovyPanda

      Offer here or send me a Trade Offer. I don't usually accept adds .