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6 years ago

              Just fishing for offers for the hats atm.

              Crones is 1 of 1
              Phantasm View is 1 of 2 (other is being sold only in a set worth ~150 buds +)
              Morning Glory Cone is 1 of 3
              Law is 1 of 1
              Exe is 1 of 1 (only new ghosts exe no phantasm was unboxed)

              I am not keen in 3rd gen summer effects at all so refrain from offering them. In robo effect i only like AF/RA and in new EOTL effects i prefer morning glory or death at dusk.

              Lastly i would prefer if you don't add me. Send me a trade offer or offer here :)

              Offer here or send me a Trade Offer. I don't usually accept adds .
              This trade is closed.