Jiwi The Kiwi

4 months ago

                                                      QUICKSELLING THESE UNUSUAL!!
                                                      TRADE OFFERS (⇄) ONLY!!
                                                      ANY ADDS WILL BE DECLINED!!

                                                      Sunbeams Anger - 150 Keys

                                                      Purple Energy Familiar Fez - 43 keys

                                                      Sulphurous Your Worst Nightmare - 48 keys

                                                      Purple Energy Surgeon's Stahlhelm - 120 keys

                                                      Purple Energy Killer's Kabuto - 90 keys

                                                      Circling Heart Towering Pillar of Hats - 70 keys

                                                      Bubbling Attendant - 10 keys

                                                      Molten Mallard Bolted Birdcage - 22 keys

                                                      Blizzardy Storm Flipped Trilby - 18 keys

                                                      Stormy Storm Nanobalaclava - 20 keys * not quickselling

                                                      Sunbeams Otolaryngologist's Mirror - 6 bud * cheapest on market

                                                      Mega Strike Taunt: The Schadenfreude - Looking for pure offers ( 1/2 in the market the other guy selling it wants it to be in his set only so yeah, it seems to be extremely popular and all class :D )

                                                      Screaming Tiger Taunt: Conga - 25 bud

                                                      Clean, Non level 1 or level 7 Max's Severed Head as 38 keys
                                                      Buds as 11 keys
                                                      Bill's Hat as 3 keys

                                                      IF YOU ARE NOT PAYING PURE, READ THE FOLLOWING:
                                                      > Mostly interested in AUSTRALIUMS and STRANGE FESTIVES and CS:GO ITEMS
                                                      > Minimum 15% OVERPAY with items and First gen effects unusuals
                                                      > Minimum 25% OVERPAY with Second gen effects unusuals.
                                                      > Minimum 60% OVERPAY with 3rd gen effects/ robo hats.

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