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        Auctioning This Lovely Set~
        Unusual is 100% Clean
        1 of 3 In the World
        No one is Selling this Beauty in Outpost or even the Market, This is the only one so Far~
        God Teir Robo-Effect
        Has the Gangreen Footprints Effect too (4-6 Keys)

        C/O is Valued at 38 Keys in items, 38 Keys in Pure 2 Beat

        Just cause it's priced in doesn't mean it's worth that~
        Looking for Stock Weapon Austrialiums (MediGun, Knife, Sniper Rifle, Rocket Launcher etc.) (Prof KS Preferred)

        No Kits, Rare Lvl Vintages, Craft #'s
        I don't Value KS items (unless Austrialium) and Painted Items
        I will decline any offer I see fit
        If I don't seem satisfied with the highest bid, I may decline
        I will value your bid based on what price i think is fit
        ~Not really in much of a hurry so Happy Bidding~

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        Pssst! If you place Dank Memes and House Music (Deep, Tropical, Progressive) on your bid, and that bid is around the same as the current highest bidder, I may pick your bid over the other!
        This trade is closed.