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2 years ago

                          NEW! Now accepting bitcoins!

                          Selling for PayPal and Bitcoin funds.
                          Accepting purchases a minimum of 1 dollar (excluding fees)

                          logged/updated on 10/16/2016
                          Refined Metal (129~ in Stock) - 0.10$
                          TF2 Keys (7 in stock) - 1.80$ (1.85$ in BTC)

                          A few simple rules for your and my own security :)
                          1. The buyer pays for the PayPal fees, which can be calculated here: (Just in case I will calculate in process and tell the correct amount)
                          Using International fee rate of 3.9% + $.30

                          IMPORTANT NOTE:
                          If you won't pay for the fees, I will lower the amount of metal you purchased to the total amount of money I've actually received (For example, you paid 1.1$ for 10 refined without the fees, which leaves me with 76 cents (at the time I made the calculation) according to the calculator, so I will give you 7 Refined instead of 10 Refined)

                          2. Money goes first, No exceptions, even if you are Gabe Newell himself

                          3. You must have a clean record.

                          *4. You must add your steam ID and a detailed description of the items you are purchasing and the value you are paying + the fees in the description of your money transaction on PayPal, while including "No chargebacks" at the end!

                          (Ex. "SteamID: STEAM_0:1:42460722, Purchase of virtual items in Team Fortress 2 of * keys for a total amount of **.**$ including fees, no chargebacks.)

                          Reputation Links and info:

                          Please leave feedback after a successful transaction, it will really support me!

                          Thank you very much for reading,
                          Bomsusik :)

                          Over 700 views!
                          Over 800 views!
                          Over 900 views! Can it get to 1k? :O
                          Over 1,000! Yay!
                          Over 1,500 views! wowe

                          Mobile Authenticator User

                          In auctions I reserve the right to value item bids.

                          Paying in items? Overpayment only.


                          This trade is closed.