Xerye | trade.tf | 📱✔

5 years ago

                    BUYING dirty unusual hats for 7 Keys pure.
                    I like them especially gifted or/and duped.
                    Im paying 7 Keys for duped Unusuals and 4 Keys for gifted Unusuals.
                    I take all Unusuals except a few specific ones wich I dont like.
                    Besides that, I also buy Quicksells for clean Unusuals!

                    Ps: When I dont accept the offer within some minutes, that means Im at work or outside, and coming back most likely in some hours afterwards. Im accepting offers as soon as I come home.
                    Please do not add me in this case. :-)


                    Send tradeoffer please: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=65928682&token=bG-l7wn7

                    Have a nice day :D

                    This trade is closed.