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        Auctioning this Lovely Set~

        B/O: 55 Keys / 60 Keys Unusuals

        (Please read the following below before Bidding)

        I know some of you would be like "Oh shit why 55 keys, "OMG to high price is like 30 keys only..." here's why~

        #1 1st of all this an Auction, so it's pretty much your choice if you want get it instantly~

        #2 is not reliable at all for pricing unusuals~

        You see this Mallard Panama Pricing? Made in 20+ hrs ago, ((when this trade starts) atm it's 11:51 atm 6/6/15 +8 gmt) (I'm from the PH so Yeah) about (3:00 pm 6/5/15 +8 gmt) (Converting to US time, just -24 hrs, UK time, -8 hrs)

        It says "One moderately recent sale, just over 2 months old:
        Sold for 30 keys"

        I basically bought mine for a KaW Black Watch, in exactly 8:29 pm 6/4/15 + 8 gmt (Converting to US time, just -24 hrs) so about a day before the suggestion~


        so technically there is a much more recent sale than that "2 month old" sale....

        You might be "Oh lookie the Black Watch is 27 Keys in priced recently too!" same the suggestion itself was about 19 hrs ago"

        He even used my trade as proof....... but that was even before (1 day very recent sale) the Panama was accepted and the Black Watched was Priced.......
        And used his Panama Suggestion as Proof to even though my trade was the most "recent sale as it is 1 say before the suggestion"

        I was the one who offered the KaW Black Watch to him so if there was any overpay involved it supposes to be Black Watch as Overpay...... so the 30 * 0.9 too was pretty invalid..... and since that was before the Black Watch Suggestion and The Mallard Suggestion, it was priced at it's old prices, That time I was paying 44-54 Keys in Unusuals for his 39-48 Unusual, He even ask me to think about if I was 100% willing to pay that much.....~

        So Overall ^ is pretty much not as reliable when pricing Unusuals~

        #3 This is 1 of 2 in The World, This Guy -> Is the current owner of the other one

        And it seems he's much of a Collector of the Mallard Effect, Judging by most of his unusuals are all Molten Mallard Unusuals, and it's been 2 months since he bought the Unusual so yeah, I'm pretty sure he's not gonna sell em for quite a long time~

        #4 This has the Shorter History, Basically I'm the Second Owner.......

        #5 If you read all of these (Plus the Rules) please Type "Quack!" Along with your Bid, Just to Ensure you've read everything~

        How I Price Unusuals:
        All-Class>Medic, Sniper, Heavy>Spy>Engi, Pyro, Demo, Soldier, Scout
        Please Refrain from Biddding Robo Effects/ Hats (the only Robo effect I like is, GBH, TIme Wrap, Sulphorus, Phosphorus)

        Austrialium Stock Weapons Only (Won't Count Killstreakers Unless Proff)
        Team Shine> Manndarin> V. Violet> Rest
        Would gladly accept Unusual Sets

        Some Rules to Follow:

        Not Accepting
        Craft #'s
        Odd Leveled Vintages

        Not Counting
        Strange Parts
        Halloween Effects (Unless Headless Horseshoes, would be valued 1/4 of price)

        I shall value your Offers (Mostly gonna base it not by, but by it's recent sales in Outpost)
        I can Decline Any Offer I see fit~

        SFM Poster/s Coming Soon

        So Good Luck and Happy Bidding!~

        Pssst! If you place Dank Memes and House Music (Deep, Tropical, Progressive) on your bid, and that bid is around the same as the current highest bidder, I may pick your bid over the other!
        This trade is closed.