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5 years ago


                                  Very good Quicksales for pure or worthy items like australiums and other easy selling items.
                                  Need a fast sell? Shoot me an offer by using the link mentionied further down.
                                  DO NOT ADD ME
                                  I won't pay more for parts, paints or basic and spec killstreaks, in rare cases for professional killstreaks.
                                  It can happen that I decline or counter your offer. Dont feel forced to accept the counter, but also DO NOT counter back again, no deal then.
                                  I like to take normal hats, cosmetics and miscs for 1 or 2 Refined off normal price, australium weapons 1 or 2 Keys off normal price, strange festives, genuine stuff...
                                  Im not much interested in Unusuals, therefor need BIG discount like 30 or 40% off price, also I dont want hightier Unusuals for 40 Keys or more. I like normal items more then Unus.

                                  Im also buying whole Backpacks or BIG bulk of items, same guidelines as for normal Quicksales.


                                  Send tradeoffer please: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=65928682&token=bG-l7wn7

                                  Have a nice day :D

                                  This trade is closed.