an hour ago

                            Buying steam Trading cards worth 0.06$ or more at SCM from ANY game.

                            My price:

                            2 scrap ea. + 1 scrap ( 1 ref ) each 4 cards.
                            (Please keep the cards at minimum 0.06$ if you add cards worth 0.05$ or less i will decline/counteroffer.)
                            Booster packs 0.88 scrap each.
                            Foil 0.77 scrap each.
                            ( I am not accepting Foil cards/booster packs with a SCM price lower to 0.12$)

                            2 cards = 1 rec + 1 scrap
                            3 cards = 2 rec
                            4 cards = 2 rec + 2 scrap. 1 ref.

                            If anyone is interested 1 key = 120 cards ALL cards must be 0.06$ and up.



                            If you need help calculating multiple Foil cards/Booster pack, use the ecuation on google.
                            "F" as number of foil cards
                            "B" as number of Booster packs

                            SEND OFFER, DON'T ADD ME.
                            If you need to add me just post why below or at my steam profile try not to add me without saying anything. Random adds will be declined.

                            My apologies beforehand if I do not answer your offer within 30 minutes - 1 hour or if I'm off.

                            This trade is closed.