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5 years ago
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                        -) Collector's Nanobalaclava Chemistry Set for offers around 70 Keys in item(s)!
                        50 Keys pure will instantly take it. Mix is also acceptable.

                        Taking offers on this ultra rare beauty. This is the only one that's available.

                        Preferable offers:
                        -) 1st gens (clean or dirty, doesnt matter).
                        -) Australium Weapons (clean or dirty, doesnt matter).
                        -) Professional Strange Weapons (clean or dirty, doesnt matter).
                        -) 2nd and 3rd gens (clean or dirty, doesnt matter).


                        It can be that the Chemistryset is not in my Inventory, in that case its on community market. If so, its not sold, comment offer here. If the set is sold I would close this outpost here.

                        Page 8 of my Backpack, other pages are NOT on sale.

                        Note: Do not add me unless you commented here - adds without a comment will be ignored.
                        Offers can be made by commenting here or directly sending the offer via the tradinglink.


                        Send tradeoffer please: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=65928682&token=bG-l7wn7

                        Have a nice day :D

                        This trade is closed.