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    Auctioning this lovely Box-Trot Taunt~

    B/O: is 2 Gun Mettle Keys and 1 Powerhouse Case (price went really down) <----- If you cannot wait :P

    Pure>Items>Csgo Skins

    [Might not be able to mark highest bid yet since, I'm pretty full for tom, so whoever wins plox send a trade offer instead]

    Some Rules to Follow:

    Not Accepting
    Craft #'s
    Odd Leveled Vintages

    Not Counting
    Strange Parts
    Halloween Effects (Unless Headless Horseshoes, would be valued 1/4 of price)

    Good Luck <3~

    Pssst! If you place Dank Memes and House Music (Deep, Tropical, Progressive) on your bid, and that bid is around the same as the current highest bidder, I may pick your bid over the other!
    This trade is closed.