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                ~The (Mis)Adventures of Space Bonk!~
                Auctioning this Lovely Set

                Bombing Run and Flap Jacket (Both Painted Balaclavas are Forever)
                Strange Cadet Visor
                Strange Batsaber (Renamed "The Glowing Dong" ( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o))
                Strange C.A.P.P.E.R (Renamed "K.A.P.P.A" )
                Strange Spec KS Scattergun (Renamed "U Mad Bro?" w/ some random parts)(Sheen is Manndarin)

                Taunt: Battin' A Thousand
                Taunt: Deep Fried Desire

                All Untradable Items will be tradable as soon as the auction ends~
                Screenies/Posters Coming SOON!

                How I Price Unusuals:
                Pure>1st Gen Unusual>Rest
                All-Class>Medic, Sniper, Heavy>Spy>Engi, Pyro, Demo, Soldier, Scout
                Please Refrain from Biddding Robo Effects/ Hats (the only Robo effect I like is, GBH, TIme Wrap, Sulphorus, Phosphorus)

                Austrialium Stock Weapons Only (Won't Count Killstreakers Unless Proff)
                Team Shine> Manndarin> V. Violet> Rest
                Would gladly accept Unusual Sets

                Some Rules to Follow:

                Not Accepting
                Craft #'s
                Odd Leveled Vintages

                Not Counting
                Strange Parts

                I shall value your Offers (Mostly gonna base it not by, but by it's recent sales in Outpost)
                I can Decline Any Offer I see fit~

                Pssst! If you place Dank Memes and House Music (Deep, Tropical, Progressive) on your bid, and that bid is around the same as the current highest bidder, I may pick your bid over the other!