A Delicious Cashew™ #49ers

11 months ago

                                          Taking offers on these unusuals

                                          Pure Prices (more in unusuals):

                                          Isotope Festivized Jazzy Sniper Rifle (Field-Tested): 165 keys
                                          Ancient Eldritch Duck Billed Hatypus: 150 keys
                                          Scorching Flames Fortunate Son: 130 keys
                                          Strange Circling Heart Brown Bomber: 125 keys

                                          Sunbeams Sergeant's Drill Hat: 105 keys
                                          Isotope Specialized Killstreak Airwolf Sniper Rifle (Minimal Wear): 100 keys
                                          Circling Peace Sign Nunhood: 80 keys
                                          Sunbeams Noble Nickel Amassment of Hats: 75 keys

                                          Burning Flames Bolted Birdcage: 75 keys
                                          Morning Glory Industrial Festivizer: 65 keys
                                          Hot Professional Killstreak Backwoods Boomstick Shotgun (Factory New): 60 keys
                                          Green Energy Brim-Full Of Bullets: 50 keys

                                          Dead Presidents Brotherhood of Arms: 50 keys
                                          Sunbeams Industrial Festivizer: 48 keys
                                          Vivid Plasma Le Party Phantom: 42 keys
                                          Cool Killstreak Night Owl Sniper Rifle (Field-Tested): 35 keys

                                          Isotope Damascus & Mahogany Bazaar Bargain (Battle Scarred): 30 keys
                                          Memory Leak Greased Lightning: 23 keys
                                          Blizzardy Storm Bubble Pipe: 15 keys
                                          Circling TF Logo Tungsten Toque: 13 keys

                                          Mega Strike Taunt: The Fubar Fanfare: 6 keys
                                          Midnight Whirlwind Taunt: Fresh Brewed Victory: 6 keys

                                          Not interested in most halloween, EOTL, or robo effects

                                          List may not be updated, check my outpost trades for further info http://www.tf2outpost.com/user/254902

                                          I'm interested in golden pans

                                          last edited: 5/30

                                          This trade is closed.