11 hours ago

                                                              Update: January 13, 2018

                                                              Selling Taunts LEVEL 100

                                                              Burstchester (Level 100)7 keys
                                                              * Victory Lap (Level 100)7 keys (SOLD)
                                                              Pool Party (Level 100)7 keys
                                                              Kazotsky Kick (Level 100)4 keys
                                                              ** Mannrobics (Level 100)2 keys, 10 ref
                                                              Soldier's Requiem (Level 100)4 keys
                                                              Bucking Bronco (Level 100)4 keys
                                                              * Second Rate Sorcery (Level 100)4 keys (SOLD)
                                                              * Balloonibouncer (Level 100)4 keys
                                                              * Disco Fever (Level 100)2 keys
                                                              * Fubar Fanfare (Level 100)2 keys (SOLD)
                                                              * Scotsmann's Stagger (Level 100)2 keys
                                                              * Carlton (Level 100)2 keys
                                                              * Didgeridrongo (Level 100)2 keys
                                                              Bad Pipes (Level 100)2 keys (SOLD)
                                                              Boston Breakdance (Level 100)2 keys (SOLD)
                                                              ** Proletariat Posedown (Level 100)1 key, 10 ref
                                                              Killer Solo (Level 100)2 keys
                                                              * Killer Solo (Level 100)2 keys
                                                              ** Box Trot (Level 100)1 key, 10 ref
                                                              Rancho Relaxo (Level 100)2 keys
                                                              Conga (Level 100)1 key, 15 ref
                                                              Rock, Paper, Scissors (Level 100)1 key, 10 ref (SOLD)
                                                              Most Wanted (Level 100)1 key
                                                              Flippin' Awesome (Level 100)28 ref (SOLD)
                                                              Square Dance (Level 100)28 ref
                                                              Skullcracker (Level 100)23 ref (SOLD)
                                                              Buy A Life (Level 100)14 ref (SOLD)
                                                              Fresh Brewed Victory (Level 100)12 ref
                                                              Oblooterated (Level 100)10 ref
                                                              Party Trick (Level 100)9 ref
                                                              Deep Fried Desire (Level 100)7 ref (SOLD)
                                                              Battin' a Thousand (Level 100)6 ref
                                                              Results Are In (Level 100)6 ref
                                                              Spent Well Spirits (Level 100)7 ref (SOLD)
                                                              I See You (Level 100)6 ref (SOLD)

                                                              Pure only

                                                              DON'T ADD. USE TRADE OFFERS PLEASE [⇄]
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                                                              I think this guy is pretty smart, whenever he gets a “BUT ITS ONLY WORTH THIS PRICE” he just goes “Then sell me a lvl 100 of it for that price” that’s smart business my dude


                                                              most people arent collectors though so they wont care and will probably skip you if they wanted the rancho relaxo just like me