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        Auctioning this Beautiful Space Pyro Set~

        Strange Nebula Head Filled with Hot Air (Painted After Eight)
        ~Very Short History
        ~Highest Tier Invasion Effect
        ~God-Tier Effect

        B/O: 140 Keys Pure / More in Unusuals
        C/O: None

        Specialized Killstreak Strange Shotgun
        Sheen is Villanous Violet

        Professional Killstreak Strange Degreaser
        Sheen is Villanous Violet
        Effect is Fire Horns

        Professional Killstreak Strange Powerjack
        Sheen is Hot Rod
        Effect is Singularity

        Strange Phobos Filter

        Strange Space Diver

        -=SFM Poster by =-

        How I Price Unusuals:
        Pure>1st Gen Unusual>Rest
        All-Class>Medic, Demo, Spy>Rest
        Please Refrain from Biddding Robo Effects/ Hats (the only Robo effect I like is, GBH, TIme Wrap, Sulphorus, Phosphorus)

        Austrialium Stock Weapons Only (Won't Count Killstreakers Unless Prof)
        Team Shine> Manndarin> V. Violet> Rest
        Would gladly accept Unusual Sets

        -=SFM Poster by =-

        Some Rules to Follow:

        Not Accepting
        Craft #'s
        Odd Leveled Vintages

        Not Counting
        Strange Parts

        I shall value your Offers (Mostly gonna base it not by, but by it's recent sales in Outpost)
        I shall Decline Any Offer I see fit~

        Pssst! If you place Dank Memes and House Music (Deep, Tropical, Progressive) on your bid, and that bid is around the same as the current highest bidder, I may pick your bid over the other!