3 years ago

                        Hey guys! I'm looking for some low tier unusual and collector's chemistry set offers for pure.
                        For unusuals, I am particularly interested in pyro and medic although any other unusual offers are also welcome. I'll pay less for duped items though.

                        I have mobile authenticator activated and regularly check this site. Please don't add me on Steam. Instead, you are welcome to either comment below or use the trade offer here:

                        Key Stock: 15 keys

                        I'll try to be nice to everyone and reply as much as I can but please do not be rude or spam comments ty. All that does is degrade yourself and prove that you are incapable of trading like a normal person.

                        Have a great day and may there be many unusuals in your future :D

                        Side Note: I think that Donald Trump should play a game of TF2 and everyone spawn camps the living sh*t out of him. Who's with me? XD

                        I will accept offers even when I appear offline. If you want to offer on an item of mine, go here: Have a nice one, mate!
                        This trade is closed.