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13 hours ago

                                                  I'm looking to buy any hard-to-sell items:

                                                  • I reserve the right to not accept your offer for any reason!
                                                  • If you send me an offer where you want full price of your item or more than it's worth, your offer will be instantly declined and you'll be probably blocked.
                                                  • "item's price" means an adjust of current specific item's market situation, it might be median between sellers and buyers/current sellers price/current buyers price or just my personal estimation

                                                  • Painted items:
                                                  [item's price] * 0.92 + [paint's price] * 0.05 = [price I'll pay you]
                                                  (example: you have painted Gold (~18 ref) item worth 3 ref, so you'll get: 3 ref * 0.92 + 18 ref * 0.05 = 2.77 ref + 0.88 ref = 3.66 ref)
                                                  (exception: if paint is on an expensive item, I might be interested ONLY in expensive paints such as white, black, green and pink)

                                                  • Parted stranges:
                                                  [strange's price] * 0.92 + [parts' price] * 0.03 = [price I'll pay you]
                                                  (example: you have strange worth 20 ref with parts worth 5 keys, so you'll get: 20 ref * 0.92 + 5 keys * 0.03 = 18.33 ref + 0.15 key (6.44 ref) = 24.77 ref)

                                                  • Spells:
                                                  [item's price] * 0.92 + [spells' price] = [price I'll pay you]
                                                  (example: you have item worth 8 ref with Exorcism and Pumpkin Bombs, so you'll get: 8 ref * 0.92 + 7 ref + 9 ref = 7.33 ref + 16 ref = 23.33 ref)

                                                  Spells' prices:
                                                  - Voices From Below - 3 ref
                                                  - Exorcism - 7 ref
                                                  - Pumpkin Bombs - 9 ref
                                                  - Halloween Fire - 12 ref
                                                  - Paint spells - 20 ref
                                                  - Footprints - 30 ref

                                                  • TF2 skins:
                                                  a) Take average price your item sells for on Steam Community Market (check sales graph, not sellers)
                                                  b) Subtract SCM tax (13%)
                                                  c) Divide by $2.50 to convert your price into keys
                                                  d) Make 25% discount
                                                  e) In case you get decimals, multiply decimal by 43 to convert price into refs
                                                  (example: you have skin which sells on SCM for around $3:
                                                  $3 * 0.87 = $2.61 --> $2.61 / $2.5 = 1.04 key --> 1.04 key * 0.75 = 0.78 key --> 0.78 key * 43 ref = 33.44 ref)

                                                  In case there aren't really any SCM sales for your item or it's killstreaked/strange etc. just add me/comment there and ask for my price

                                                  (will add for Specialized/Professional killstreaks, though no additions for parts/basic killstreaks/festivized)
                                                  (exception: I'm not interesed in overpriced or really expensive/rare skins)

                                                  • Festivized (not festive) items:
                                                  [non-festivized item's price] * 0.92 + 5 ref = [price I'll pay you]
                                                  (example: you have festivized item and it's non-festivized version goes for 10 ref, so you'll get:
                                                  10 ref * 0.92 + 5 ref = 9.11 ref + 5 ref = 14.11 ref)

                                                  In case you've got a festivized version of unique weapon, I'll pay 5 ref for it.

                                                  • Other items:
                                                  In case you've got another hard-to-sell item you want to sell, which doesn't belong to any of listed examples, just comment below or add me and ask for my price
                                                  I'm also glad to take ANY item or bulk of items with appropriate discount!
                                                  I'd take your unusuals ONLY with quicksell price. Feel free to offer tho.

                                                  • Whole backpacks:
                                                  I may consider buying your all backpack. It requires contacting me through steam add.
                                                  I'm paying either with keys (you may sell them through then) or with PayPal funds.
                                                  I'll demand at least 20% discount in transaction like that (lot more discount for unusuals)
                                                  While PayPal transactions, you ALWAYS go first and all fees that appears are on you.
                                                  I'm not interested in transactions above $100 (after discount).
                                                  I usually need up to 2 days to transfer funds to PayPal wallet.

                                                  • Check also my other buying offers:
                                                  Trading cards; emoticons; backgrounds; booster packs; gems:


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                                                  Hey, I was looking through your trade info, and came to the section on painted items (so not that far in :/). I have a pink and lime painted BIll's hat (one each). I did your price check, and saw that each bill's hat unpainted would be 1.42 keys, or around 16-18 ref. I'm willing to sell them to you, if you could give me a general idea of how you would pay for the expensive paints aforementioned. I'd prefer a response ASAP, but unless I get an offer you can take your time. Hope we can get to trading soon <3