Revenant Maiden

2 years ago
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            DON'T MIND THE ''CREATED 3YEARS AGO'', I have re-updated this in 13.10.2020, Don't worry.

            Prices :
            + Cold Snap Coat_______: 48 ref
            + Lurking Legn_________: 35 ref
            + Craftable Huo-Long___ : 9 ref ( at the price i bought, sadly i didnt knew that we cant use ''noncraftable ks weapons'' on ks kits... )
            + Cases : 10 ref each

            You can pay with everything except painted miscs, festive weapons and skins, i won't accept them as payment, sorry
            If you want to ask or negoiate, you can always add me. I'm always online except nights, GMT+3
            I also make and sell specialized kits and i buy robo-parts in bulk, meaning i will buy every one of it but for a little bit lower price

            I'm not looking at this site often so, add me or comment on my profile.
            This trade is closed.