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    Auctioning this Freshly Unboxed Lovely All-Class Unusual
    Effect: Tesla Coil
    Hat: Box Car Bomber

    Lowest Selling for 145
    Highest Selling for 230

    Past Offers (PreAuction)
    80 Keys Pure (was willing to pay 83)
    90 Keys

    Mainly Looking for mainly CSGO items
    CSGO Keys>CSGO Knives>Tf2 Keys>CSGO Weapon Skins>TF2 Unusuals>>TF2 Items
    No Low Craft Numbers
    Won't count Paints and Strange Parts

    I shall value your Offers (Mostly gonna base it not by, but by it's recent sales in Outpost)
    I shall Decline Any Offer I see fit~

    Let the Bidding Begin!

    Pssst! If you place Dank Memes and House Music (Deep, Tropical, Progressive) on your bid, and that bid is around the same as the current highest bidder, I may pick your bid over the other!
    This trade is closed.