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                                    Just selling some items. Here is my trade offer link: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=250219507&token=FdKkv5mV .Fell free to add me or re-offer.

                                    1)Strange Sticky bomb Launcher= 1 key

                                    2)Genuine Ks Original=2 keys and 5 ref

                                    3)Pro ks Original=6 keys

                                    4)Bruiser's bandanna (Black)= 2 keys

                                    5)Bruiser's Bandanna (White)= 2 keys

                                    6)Rack (White)= 1 key and 5 ref

                                    7)All-father (Black)= 2 keys

                                    8)Mistake Movember (White)= 1 key

                                    9)Cold snap coat= 1 key and 5 ref

                                    10)Gibus=10 ref

                                    11)Graybanns (Kind of pink+white?)= 1 key

                                    12)Federal Casemaker (White)=1 key

                                    13)Hero's (Black)=1 key

                                    14)Gold BotKiller Mk2=4 keys

                                    15)Soldier taunt=7 ref

                                    16)Quickbird=3 ref

                                    17)Kringle Collection=6 ref


                                    This trade is closed.