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                    Mann vs. Machine Glitched Level Weapons
                    Back Scratcher - Level 1 - 30 exist
                    Natascha - Level 1 - 21 exist
                    Axtinguisher - Level 1 - 37 exist
                    Sydney Sleeper - Level 2 - 15 exist
                    Warrior's Spirit - Level 2 - 8 exist
                    Warrior's Spirit - Level 3 - 6 exist

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                    Cashing Out, selling for that reason.

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                    When MvM out and when you complete tours, you get weapons and hats .
                    let's say you were in 8th tour, so you got level 8 weapons, that's all.
                    it was a glitch but they fixed about in 2 weeks. so you can't get higher or lower level weapons anymore.
                    an example; Scorch Shot - Level 25, highest level in the game and only 1 exist. but standart level which is 10, about 1+ million exist.