✔ SiickNastikillr


                    Looking to trade this 1 of 2 on the market Flaming Lantern Chieftain's Challenge.

                    I would love to get 6 buds equivalent for this hat, but I will entertain offers that are reasonable (3 pure+/4 in unusuals+)

                    Haunted Ghosts Chieftain's Challenge
                    Stormy Storm Helmet without a Home + Searing Plasma Bonk Helm
                    3 Buds + Strange Gold Botkiller Rocket Launcher
                    Stormy Storm Noble Amassment of Hats
                    Circling Heart Swagman's Swatter
                    Orbiting Fire Killer's Kabuto + 15 Keys
                    Sunbeams Ze Goggles


                    This trade is closed for the following reason: Traded