8 months ago
        • #250927

                Looking to make some quick (well, relatively quick) pure off these items.

                "Cyanide's 40mm" (Strange Basic Killstreak Grenade Launcher): SOLD it's actually gambit's, my bad
                "TASTE THE RAINBOW" (Strange Rainblower w/Soldiers Killed, Allies Extinguished, Exorcism Spell): 1 key the name isn't mine, i got this from an auction
                Strange Well-Worn Stabbed to Hell Knife: 1 key SOLD
                Strange Festive Airwolf Wrench: 1 key SOLD
                Collector's Solemn Vow: 3 keys SOLD
                AWPer Hand: 3 ref SOLD
                All craft hats: SOLD
                1 key = 28.77 ref

                Pure only, please.

                All random adds will be blocked ...Except for friends.
                This trade is closed.