7 months ago

      Only buying an Eviction Notice if it has the Players Hit strange part. (Price is negotiable, I was thinking about 4.66ref)

      This trade is closed.


      Not looking to sell, but, I will point that the strange part you want is worth 1.1 keys. To say that 4.66 ref is lowballing it is the understatement of the century.


      I see your point, but 50% of traders that I've dealt with don't even count parts when considering the price of an item, and I'd say at least 90% take only 10% of the strange part's original price when adding it to the price of the item.

      So 1.1 keys = 36.33 (at the time that I made the price. I actually made the effort to go through the key and players hit price suggestions to fact check this)
      10% of 36.33 is 3.66 ref
      The eviction notice was about 1.88 ref (The price suggestions jumped from 1.66 to 2-2.11 between June and October. I put this up in September)
      So 1.88 + 3.66 = 4.55 ref

      Huh, so I guess I'm actually highballing it :D
      This isn't meant as a mean intended sarcastic statement, I'm just in a research-y mood and this was kind of fun. Thanks for the concern anyway :)

      Also, I admit this might be inaccurate because I've probably edited the trade price a few times, but whatever, it's always been in the 4-8 ref range.