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a year ago

                    Make me an offer by clicking on this link Good offers i accept!

                    I will accept as payment, any skins, items, stuff, things - from the 10 games(CsGo,Team Fortress2, Dota2, Rust, H1Z1, Don't Starve Together, PUBG, Unturned, Payday2, Killing Floor2) and gift games steam and trading cards (from any game! trading cards and emotion steam)

                    My friends,please don't be afraid to make me a trade offer,if I don't like your offer,I will send you a counter offer

                    Price for all my tf2 items ---
                    I sell all my steam inventory : Dota2, CsGo, TF2, Gifts games !!! ALL !

                    My steam profiles ---

                    This trade is closed for the following reason: This trade seems old, it has not been bumped in 6 months