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7 months ago

                    ╞╡S╞════════╡Selling This Uncraftable Mann Co. Orange Trophy Belt FOR 8 REF╞════════╡S╞╡
                    Hey you, I need these items for a really important reason, ask questions later! I'm accepting pure and item overpay, hurry before it's too late! OH NO ITS HAPPENING HURRY UP PLEASE!!!! BUY THE FREAKING TROPHY BELT, OH GOD! GOD HELP US AHHHHHHH-
                    I'm looking to offer this Uncraftable Mann Co. Orange Trophy Belt for 8 ref!
                    TRADE OFFER:

                    Yo what's up! Most of the time I like to negotiate, you can either add or send a trade offer, it doesn't matter! :D
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