9 years ago

      Alright. I maded this trade just to see what i can get on this little beauty :P. Dont be shy, make a offer but no lowballs plz. Any offers under the current offer will be automaticly hidden BTW, im not rusing to selling it. Don't forget that the tux is more rare than the buds :


      Oh yeah, and a proof that the item will be tradeable after the promo :P : http://imgur.com/jshM2PD
      And another thing that you should know : im hiding the post, even if they are great offers to make some space :P

      B/O :
      Strange Festive Axtinguisher (6-7 keys)

      C/O :
      No current offer set MAKE A OFFER :P

      Thanks, and have a good day trading :3

      This trade is closed.