SpongeKiller Busy W/ Med School

6 months ago

                              Aces High Tipped Lid : 39 Keys Pure or 49+ in Unusual Overpay
                              Scorching Flames Burning Beanie : 230 Keys Pure or 280+ (Or so in Unusual Offers)
                              Smoking Nuke : 25 Keys Pure or 34+ in Unusual Overpay 1 of 1 in existence
                              Infernal Flames Taunt: The Fubar Fanfare : 30 Keys Pure or 35+ in Unusual Overpay
                              Ghastly Ghosts Taunt: Deep Fried Desire : 15 Keys Pure or 21+ in Unusual Overpay
                              Vivid Plasma Sergeant's Drill Hat : 34 Keys Pure or 43+ in Unusual Overpay
                              Cloudy Moon Western Wear : 45 Keys Pure or 55+ in Unusual Overpay
                              Hot Professional Killstreak Blitzkrieg Pistol (Minimal Wear) : 31 Keys Pure or 39+ in Unusual Overpay

                              Not Interested in Unusual Robo or Taunt overpay unless MAJOR overpay [Over 75% Overpay].

                              Trade Link :

                              This trade is closed.