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8 months ago
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                          Hey! I am auctioning off what is left of my whole backpack so lets get the bids rolling! I'm starting the bid off with 1 key.

                          The items are as follows and the values given are suggested values according to

                          1. Festivizer (uncraftable) - 1.05 Keys
                          2. Strange Scattergun - 10.83 Ref
                          3. Backwoods Boomstick Mk.II War Paint (Field-Tested) - 2 Ref
                          4. The Original (Halloween Spell: Pumpkin Bombs) - couldn't find a suggested value
                          5. Dragon Slayer Grenade Launcher (Factory New) - 20.4 Ref
                          6. 7 Refine
                          7. 1 Reclaimed

                          Same as always, I don't really value paints, but skins and items are more than welcome. Pure preferred.


                          This trade is closed.