Witch Doctor Waka

2 weeks ago

                                                                          Since Outpost died I'm posting this here. I am looking for my old Pro KS Frying Pan. It was a gift from a friend and I sold it stupidly when I was gonna quit tf2. To anyone who can get it back for me I will offer a lot to get this back. IT MUST BE MY PAN. Do not try offering me a different strange pro ks pan.

                                                                          Details I remember:

                                                                          It's Strange and Pro KS.
                                                                          The sheen was Hotrod however I do not remember the effect.
                                                                          It wasn't renamed nor had a description.
                                                                          I know who owned it last but it's currently in a Private Backpack and the person who owned it last won't accept my invites. If you want to give it a go add me and I will give you their profile.

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