a year ago


          I'm selling these fine items. Here are their NEGOTIABLE prices!

          Disco Beatdown Slick Cut: B/O 25 keys
          Miami Nights Large Luchadore: B/O 28 keys
          Festivized Skins: B/O 1.5 keys each/2.5 keys for both
          Killstreak Tiger Buffed Field Tested Iron Bomber: B/O 1 key
          Professional Killstreak Australium Ambassador (Villainous Violet, Cerebral Discharge): B/O 12.5 keys
          DOUBLE SPELLED Genuine Distinguished Rogue (chromatic corruption, voices from below): B/O 7 keys
          Chromatic Corruption Sneaky Spats of Sneaking: B/O 10 keys

          As mentioned before, ALL OF THESE PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE! I am open to any serious offer. I will always discount for pure, and can potentially do bulk discounts! Just send me a trade or add me to negotiate :)

          Have a good day/night and happy trading!

          This trade is closed.