badhitreg B> CSGO SKINS $131

a year ago


              I'm selling these fine items. Here are their prices!
              CLEAN 1/1 on the market TIME WARP Frenchman's Beret - B/O 40 keys
              CLEAN CIRCLING PEACE SIGN Le Party Phantom - B/O 28 keys (Current lowest seller's is duped)
              Festivized Killstreak Minimal WearCarpet Bomber Stickybomb Launcher - B/O 25 ref
              Festivized Killstreak Factory New Shot to Hell Pistol - B/O 1.5 keys
              Genuine DOUBLE SPELLED (Voices from Below and Chromatic Corruption Distinguished Rogue - B/O 6 keys
              SPELLED (Chromatic Corruption) Sneaky Spats of Sneaking - B/O 8 keys
              STRANGE Wipe out Wraps - B/O 12 ref

              All of these prices are negotiable! I will discount for pure and consider any offer.

              Thank you and happy trading!

              This trade is closed.