szyмiв | вuying_cards

4 months ago

                    Woah. That's an amazing one.
                    IMPORTANT: If it's not in my inventory, it's in my shop, add me to offer keys/items!

                    Rejected offers:
                    - 43 pure
                    - 45 pure (well, I missed it)
                    - Clairvoyance Sky High Fly Guy (unpriced, got the sale around 50 keys)

                    Selling this Morning Glory Black Watch for just 50 keys pure - that's almost 20% discount!
                    Of course will also take funds (100$) or overpay in items (15-40%)

                    Just look at this set:


                    My shop:

                    Offers send there:

                    Have questions? Check description on my profile or add me:

                    This trade is closed.