King of KFC Jamal

4 hours ago

                          Looking for pure or unusual overpay on the following items:

                          * Strange Scorching Flames Climbing Commander for 150 keys
                          * Ooze Broadband Bonnet for 50 keys
                          * Galactic Gateway Mann-O-War for 50 keys
                          * Stormy Storm Master's Yellow Belt for 32 keys
                          * Vivid Plasma Das Hazmattenhatten for 70 keys
                          * Burning Flames Prussian Pickelhaube for 70 keys
                          * Something Burning This Way Comes Hermes for 120 keys
                          * Nuts n' Bolts Powdered Practitioner for 14 keys
                          * Green Confetti Battle Boonie for 15 keys
                          * Isotope Quack Canvassed Rocket Launcher FN for 55 keys
                          * Strange Cool Spec KS Cardboard Boxed Flame Thrower FT for 75 keys

                          Send me a trade offer: Thanks!

                          Have a great day.