41 minutes ago

                                I'm selling my unusuals for pure keys, australiums, good mixed offers or offers in items or unusuals. Accept CSGO items too. Open to all offers. Feel free to offer.

                                1. Something Burning This Way Comes Charmer's Chapeau - 550 keys
                                2. Burning Flames Caribou Companion - 250 keys
                                3. Scorching Flames Field Practice - 150 keys
                                4. Scorching Flames Siberian Facehugger - 130 keys
                                5. Sunbeams Gilded Guard - 120 keys
                                6. Strange Miami Nights Private Eye - 30 keys
                                7. Cloud 9 Warhood - 25 keys
                                8. Green Confetti Heer's Helmet - 25 keys
                                9. Circling Peace Sign Pirate Bandana - 22 keys
                                10. Double spelled Massed Flies Magnificent Mongolian - 10 keys

                                All hats clean!

                                Items can be located on the site marketplace.tf or on steam community market!

                                Link for my marketplace shop: https://mplc.tf/s/76561198031992879

                                For trade with me send trade offer or add me for discuss.

                                Link for trade: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=71727151&token=1UYnhTQS

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