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3 hours ago

                        (This post will be updated whenever I get a new Unusual.)

                        Hi, everybody!

                        I'm currently trading the following Unusuals:

                        [ALL CLASSES] Burning Flames Caribou Companion: 118 keys.
                        (Overpay in items*: 144 keys or more)
                        SUPER Clean! History: https://backpack.tf/item/7175694052

                        [ALL CLASSES] Green Energy Neckwear Headwear: 53 keys + 30 ref.
                        (Overpay in items*: 66 keys or more)
                        Clean! History: https://backpack.tf/item/7119525552

                        [For Pyro] Green Energy Burning Beanie: 48 keys. - 1 of 4 in existence!!!
                        (Overpay in items*: 65 keys or more)
                        Clean! History: https://backpack.tf/item/6669502342

                        Vivid Plasma Soldier's Slope Scopers

                        Circling TF Logo Woolen Warmer

                        Circling Heart Hat With No Name

                        Haunted Ghosts Thirst Blood

                        Clairvoyance Murderer's Motif

                        Purple Energy Burning Beanie

                        Vivid Plasma Frenchman's Beret

                        *Preferably in unusuals and/or australiums.

                        I don't accept unusual taunts as payment!

                        (Don't try to scam me, or you'll get reported).

                        DON'T ADD ME, please. Send me a trade offer instead. If you need to talk to me, comment on my profile first.

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