9 hours ago

                          (This post will be updated whenever I get a new Unusual.)

                          Hi, everybody!

                          I'm currently trading the following Unusuals:

                          [ALL CLASSES] Burning Flames Caribou Companion: 209 keys + 40 ref.
                          (Overpay in items*: 245 keys or more)
                          SUPER Clean! History: https://backpack.tf/item/7175694052

                          [ALL CLASSES] Green Energy Neckwear Headwear: 130 keys.
                          (Overpay in items*: 145 keys or more)
                          Clean! History: https://backpack.tf/item/7119525552

                          [For Pyro] Green Energy Burning Beanie: 63 keys. - 1 of 4 in existence!!!
                          (Overpay in items*: 80 keys or more)
                          Clean! History: https://backpack.tf/item/6669502342

                          [For Soldier] Vivid Plasma Soldier's Slope Scopers: 32 keys + 30 ref. - 1 of 4 in existence!!!
                          (Overpay in items*: 43 keys or more)
                          Clean! History: https://backpack.tf/item/3337931278

                          Circling TF Logo Woolen Warmer

                          Circling Heart Hat With No Name

                          Haunted Ghosts Thirst Blood

                          Clairvoyance Murderer's Motif

                          Purple Energy Burning Beanie

                          Vivid Plasma Frenchman's Beret

                          *Preferably in unusuals and/or australiums.

                          I don't accept unusual taunts as payment!

                          (Don't try to scam me, or you'll get reported).

                          DON'T ADD ME, please. Send me a trade offer instead. If you need to talk to me, comment on my profile first.

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