an hour ago

                                                                                          Buying Spells

                                                                                          Buying bulk/whole bp too.

                                                                                          PLEASE ADD ME TO STEAM IF YOU WANT TO NEGOTIATE ^^

                                                                                          All offers are welcome!
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                                                                                          85 Keys Fragmented Photons Winter Wrap Up - Only Seller. Matching theme. Painted. Engi, Sniper and Pyro hat. Negotiable.
                                                                                          60 Keys Strange Searing Plasma Lumbercap - 1 of 1 and on top of that Strange. All Class Gen 1 Effect. Potentially Negotiable.
                                                                                          8 Keys Nuts n' Bolts Sober Stuntman - Only Seller. Less than 1 key above buy orders so free profit.